Spec Sheets/Inoculant

Grower Direct Inoculated Alfalfa Seed

  • Our Alfalfa Seed is Common # 1, $3.50 per lb, $175 per bag inoculated (no bulky coatings).
  • Winter hardy, Drought tolerant, a Prairie survivor.
  • This seed has very high germ, ultra low weed count, bright gold colour.
  • Creeping plant, tap root, dormancy rating 2, winter hardiness rating 1. Good for hay, pasture and forage.
  • We also have a saline variety for $3.50/lb.
  • Clover and Grasses available as well.
  • 50 lb bags or 1,500 lb totes upon request.


Planted, pollinated, produced and harvested on our family farm

Video Credits: Short Media / Mark Higgins